Ardis Music has been family owned for over 44 years. We want to help you and your family reach your musical goals. From the beginner to the experience professional, we have you covered. Come see us for lessons, instruments, accessories, rentals, and repairs. Private lessons with our highly qualified teachers start at $20 per half hour. Please stop in or call for more information.

There are some exciting changes coming in the future.

Stay tuned!

Any questions or concerns? Give us a call at 586.468.0282 or fill out the form below to email!

6 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I was introduced to Megan and Ardis a few years ago when my tenor sax fell off a stand and bent some key.I took it in on a Tuesday and I needed a horn for a band job on Thursday ( assuming I would have to rent a horn for the upcoming job). Surprise, the horn was in good playing condition on Thursday and at a fair price. Since then I have been there several times with all my horns always receiving great service at a fair price and the horns play great. So nice to deal with Megan.


  2. Love Ardis Music! Knowlegeable, professional staff. Provides opportunities for expanded learning and performance. Family owned. Takes great pride in their store and supports the community.


  3. Ardis Music is a great store, they have a very friendly and intelligent staff. The store downtown is beautiful, it is nice to see companies flourish against the backdrop of corporate greed and price fluctuations. Ardis Music keeps their prices as fair as possible, and won’t hesitate to point you in the right direction even if that means business elsewhere. Its nice to finally live in a town where i don’t have to give my hard earned money to Guitar Center anymore. Long live Ardis Music!!!


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“Megan and Jeff Neimann are wonderfully warm people. They are so welcoming of my children and seem to truly enjoy watching them experience music. The lessons are the most affordable around with fantastic teachers! The repairs are done by Megan and Jeff so I know my trumpet is safe. I love to support local – stores like Ardis Music make me proud.”

Allison Brewer